About Us

LLIB Consulting Engineers is a private limited company of Consulting Engineers based near Southwark Station, 19 Hatfields, London SE1 8DJ.

As a niche consultancy business we concentrate on the provision of two separate but complementary core services to our clients:

• The design specification and supervision of M&E installations to a wide variety of building types. This is the conventional design consultant role.
• The provision of an M&E management service, as part of an intelligent client project or development management team, on very large or complex UK and International projects. In this role we oversee the activities of signature consultants but from an M&E value related cost and risk perspective.

We are passionate about sustainable and green solutions and can provide guidance on alternative sources of energy in order to provide an economic best practice solution.

At LLIB Consulting Engineers, we understand that one of the critical success factors in any project is the people involved and their abilities as team players. Our Directors and Engineers aim to provide leadership in our core skill as first class professional engineers and to work as a solid supportive member of the project design and delivery team at all other times. Our mantra is simple:

•  Actively listen to what is required
•  Get our information out on time
•  Make sure it works

Above all, we want to enjoy what we do every day and who we do it with.